The Premonition (Feature)           Laurence Fraiberg (literally the devils advocate)      Asia Argento / dir..Michele Civetta

The Big Take  (Feature)                Wade (drug dealing bartender)                              Robert Forster / Dan Hedeya

Gasoline and Cigarettes              Josh (suicidal wall street banker)                            dir. Sara McKinnon

The Glass Castle                         Woody(air force cadet confronts wife beater)           dir. Wei Jiao

Snowflakes                                  Clark (young corrupt cop undercover)                       dir. Peter Azen

Incident in Aisle 12                      Graham (hipster gets conned)                                 Beth Grant / writer. Bill Collage

Endless                                       Officer Eddie (green rookie cop)                                  dir. Scott Beardslee

One More Thing                        Brian (banker lost in nyc)                                          dir. Brian Peng

Lucky Dog                                  Gerald Lem (con-artist)                                               dir. Terence Connors

Final Resolution                         Nazi Officer (utterly malicious)                                  dir. Brent Katz



Marvelous Mrs. Maisel                 Co-Star Bill (Irish Husband of Mary)                      Amazon / Scott Ellis

Evil Lives Here                           Co-Star Charlie (Mormon Cult Member)                  Discovery ID / Red Marble

The Perfect Murder                    Guest Star  Dennis (preppy murderer)                    Discovery ID / Kevin Kaufman      

Pandora’s Box                            Co-StarOfficer Roth (beat cop)                              Disovery ID / Sharp Ent.


New York Theatre                     

The AЯTS                                 C (Senate Hearings leading up to the NEA)              La Mama

Northbound                                Charles Sumner (1850s Senator) Theater for the New City

Pigeon Spikes                             Ash(ridiculous modern artist starts a cult)           Dixon Place

Prisoners of Quai Dong                Lt. Buckley (egoistic and devious)     Abington Theater

Blackout                                    Jeremy (strungout punk)  Midtown Int’r Theater Festival

Golden Land                               Freddy (1900s rich playboy)      Manhattan Repertory Theater

The Parting Glass                        Tony (limo driver wants to be an actor)    Theater for the New City

All Lost in the Supermarket           Caleb (Cool Guy Gets Conned)                The Point Theater

Murder on the Main Line              Luke (devotional student)           Manhattan Repertory Theater

Two Gentlemen of Verona             Speed (comedic sidekick)       Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

A Brief History of Time                Agent(surrealistic man)               Shakespeare Theatre of NJ



On-Camera Technique                              Clark Middleton                                                  Torn Page Studios

Scene Study                                           Michael Howard                                                  Michael Howard Studios

Scene Study                                           Austin Pendleton                                                 HB Studios

Scene Study Master Class                         Ivana Chubbuck                                                  Ivana Chubbuck Studio

Shakespeare                                            Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London               3 Month Fellowship

Brown University                                                Theater Studies                                                   B.A.


Skills etc.

Produced “The Big Take” Feature film and “Incident” Short Film. Acoustic and Electric Guitar. Karate. Boxing..  Skiing.

Commercial: 1 International. SIRIUSXM Radio Reporter – Pia Lindstrom Show Recurring.